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Learning Punch® Series - Training, Tools & Tutorials for V20
Mac Edition
- A new eBook dedicated to the latest Punch! V20 for Mac version.
- All the new features are detailed and explained.
- NEW eBook layout and features: this new edition contains 283 pages with more than 1000 color images (showing the new user’s interface, tables, examples, rendering results and screenshots as well as the updates), covering exclusively the new Punch!® Software Version 20 for Mac.
- NEW Topics and tools are linked on the screen using more than 2000 hyperlinks.
- NEW learn how to get the best results using the new Draw Styles Tools.

- NEW Learn how to use the new and improved Import and Export to CAD capabilities, preparing the Plan to Export and visualizing the Punch! to CAD process side by side.

- NEW Screen Guides. Browse through images of the most important screens of your program, then click on the desired feature and you will be directed to the exact topic in the eBook!

- NEW : Learn how to customize your landscape plan creating new plant symbols using the new features in the Plant Symbol Library.

- NEW: Learn how to create Elevations (Flat and Pan Rotated) of your project using the Elevation Editor plus the Drawing Styles’ Profiles and Tools.

- NEW: get the best results of all the features such as Texturing in 3D, and much more.

- NEW: 100 step by step tips, guides and tutorials, covering the most requested topics, including “How to Landscape a Picture”, “How to Create a Split Level House”, “How to create a Walkout Basement” and “How to Customize Accessories”.
- As always, learn how to create superb 3D rendered images, now with new tips.

If you wish to learn more, check out our  eBook presentation!
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