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Fast & Easy - Create Your 3D Project in 8 Fast & Easy Steps
- A new concept! Learn how to create your project in 8 Fast and Easy Steps. Start with a draft and follow the process step by step, to get a fully furnished project.  Includes the finished PRO file used in the eBook that you can check as you read.

- The different steps show the “How To” for specific uses: How to start a project? How to create a walk-out basement?  How to slope a lot, create walls, cabinets, landscape, etc? Includes images showing the results of each stage of the project

- Easily define your house and terrain levels and elevations
- Customize your walls to fit heights, elevations and shapes

- Design your kitchen layout with cabinets, islands, appliances, fixtures, etc.

- Define your roofs and covered porches with precision visualizing the elements, pitches, elevations, etc.
- Plan your landscape in 2D and 3D using outdoor features, plants definitions, symbols, type of soil, water needs, and rendering the endless possibilities.

- Add the final touches applying materials, colors, furniture, lights and more!

- Open your V20/21/2020 PRO file (attached to the eBook) and see the professional results

With the Fast & Easy Series by Patricia Gamburgo, you will easily master Home Design in a fun way!
If you wish to learn more, check out our  eBook presentation!
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