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Advanced Textures & Objects Collection
This newest digital collection from Punchhelpers provides new and exclusive items for your Libraries in your Punch!, TurboFloorPlan, and Architect3D Windows and Mac programs.

Title blocks: for the first time, Pat created a collection of scaled title blocks in 2D and 3D! Each title block includes a frame with the exact size of the paper, so you can print your drawings to scale (PDF or Printer). You can also add text, symbols, etc.
3D Objects: a new collection with lots of objects requested by our followers and friends: appliances, exterior accents, furniture, garage-machine-shop, and lighting, just to name a few!
Also included: a new set of doors and windows.
Structural elements: a new collection of structural elements, including different materials and technologies such as trusses, ICF, steel elements, concrete blocks as well as a full set of pitched beams. In this way, you can create your own constructive views or details as well as specs in 3D!
Partitions: a new library including partition panels with and without doors and windows, connectors, vents. You can build your custom set or use our ready to use modules.
Edging elements: you can use these custom elements to create your walkway, custom edges, rails with balusters as well as decorative short walls. They are fully customizable (size, space, materials, etc.)
Textures: more than 350 new textures (seamless and tiled) to choose from! Including thirty different 3D backgrounds, different types of tiles, stuccos, wood, water, wallpaper and much more!
This collection can be installed within any Punch! Software®, IMSI TurboFloorPlan® or Avanquest Architect 3D® program (English or French Versions), Windows or Mac, for all the programs Version 18 - Version 22 as well as Version 2016 - Version 2022.
The collection includes a Read Me file with the exact instructions to install and use the libraries (Mac and Windows) in English.

Cette collection contient également des instructions d'installation en français.

All prices are in US Dollars.
Copyright Patricia Gamburgo 2002-2024
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