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Learning Punch® Series - Training, Tools & Tutorials V17.7
This e-book includes all the topics and tutorials about Training, Power Tools, Printing, Exporting, and Importing, covering all the programs, up to Versions 17.7 (Windows) and 17.5.7 (Mac).

-The entire eBook provides training to learn the programs by following tutorials and guides and understanding how the program thinks.

-The tutorials show the "How To" for specific uses: How to start a project? How to insert a picture and add the landscape? How to create a walk-out basement? How to slope a lot?
-Each Power Tool is explained separately, with real examples developed for each tool.

- Includes Visual Guides: graphic solutions that allow the visualization of the concepts.
- Topics and tools are linked, so while you are consulting an item, you can easily access the additional information.

- You can search the information by content, by topic, or by keyword.

- The constructive elements include the necessary technical information. For example: the roof chapter includes a glossary explaining the names of the different parts of a roof as well as  the name and development of 21 different types of roofs. Or, if you wish to develop a staircase, you will find not only how to create it using Punch!┬« Software but also how stairs are designed in real life.
- This second version contains 1145 color images and almost 500 pages.
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