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We invited our friend RB Gardener to share with us his textures and his gutter kit. So, feel free to download all the files. Thank you, RB!!
Adding textures to Punch! Software Programs

Use Windows Explorer to look inside your Punch! Program. To find the folder called Custom Textures, follow the path: C:\  ProgramData\ Punch! Software\ (Your Program)\ Textures\ CustomTextures. Inside this are sub-folders of texture categories. In each category are the files related to textures. Find the desired category and add the new textures.
For each texture, there are 3 different file types: PTX, PPV, and PTI.

Copy these files into the category.

That's it. Your new texture is ready to be used.
Gutter Kit

To put rain gutters and downspouts on the house in your Punch! plan, click the link to the Gutter Kit Download.

You will download two files, a PDF file with the instructions, and a POB file containing many different parts. Because houses come in different shapes and sizes, the parts included with this kit must be resized and assembled to fit your house.

Versions 17.7 and up have this file included in the program.

For help on using the kit,  check out my tutorial over on Facebook!
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