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Can I export my Punch Plans to PDF?
The old tutorial has been deactivated. For an updated version of this tutorial, check out the Printing, Export and Import Collection:
Over the years as Forum Moderator and Punchhelpers owner, I noticed that some topics are very challenging for our users. For this reason, I am creating my Collections in order to provide answers and solutions.

Here, I will comment a recurring question about Printing:
The problem: “I need to print my permit plans and elevations. The building department is asking for scaled drawings (¼”=1’), paper size 17”x 22” (also called ANSI C). How do I do this?”

Pat’s Solution:
After you draw your project using the requested scale, your plans are ready to be printed (image 1)

However, you need to match the drawing limits with the paper size and this is why this section of my collection 7 works like a wizard!

Just select the desired frame model and size (among the 56 options) and drag and drop the scaled frame on the drawing (image 02).

Select the desired paper size in the program settings (image 3).

Preview the page: the drawing will fit exactly in the paper (image 4).

At this point, you can print it in your home or commercial printer or you can create a scaled PDF file (image 5).

Instructions are available in English and French

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