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Feng Shui
The words Feng Shui mean wind / water. Feng Shui principles state that buildings should allow for a positive flow of energy (or chi). I prefer to define Feng Shui as the art of design and living in balance with nature. Feng Shui specialists develop specific calculations using precise dimensions to produce these goals. However, anyone can employ some of the more basic Feng Shui guidelines in their home in order to achieve design balance.

- Download and import the Punchhelpers ba-gua map to select the best locations and color for the rooms in your design. (Instructions included in the file).
- Always consider the balance between yin (dark, soft, even) and yang (light, hard, odd).
- Front yard: Use curved pathways. Avoid rocks or interferences in the pathway. Avoid plants touching the exterior walls to avoid interferences between exterior and interior.
- The entrance door is a very important element. Create only one front entrance. Use solid wood for the door, preferably the color red (inviting guests).
- Always allow the flow of energy (chi): use curved and gentle lines. Avoid exposed beams and straight corridors; they will block the chi.
- Avoid low ceilings as they enclose the energy. Remember that vaulted ceilings may disrupt the balance, so plan the furniture location carefully.
- Balance the lights and shadows in each room. Mix ceiling lights (bright light) with table lamps (with dark shadows). Avoid fluorescent lights.
- Consider always the ba-gua guide for the colours, but also follow the spirit and balance of the room.
- Avoid straight lines pointing to the places where people sit: in Feng Shui, they are considered poisonous arrows.
- Bedrooms: never place the bed on the floor. Place the bed headboard against the wall. Avoid mirrors in the bedroom.
- Bathrooms: keep the door and toilet lid closed when not in use.
- A clean environment allows for chi flow: get rid of all the old and useless stuff. Clean the windows (usually called the eyes of the chi), repair drains and faucets (remember that the water is a main element of Feng Shui, therefore it must flow freely. Avoid any type of locked water. Also, repair any problem in the electrical wiring: electricity is also conducting to the chi.
- In Feng Shui, less is more. Keep this in mind to decorate the house. Use small furniture, light materials, clean surfaces, and soft colors.
- Overall, look for balance between the entire house, all its elements, and nature.

Always remember: "Buildings, too, are children of Earth and Sun" (Frank Lloyd Wright)
Click on the picture to download the Ba-gua and the instrctions
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