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Designing your Dream Home Using Architect 3D
- “Designing Your Dream Home” is the answer to the countless questions that homeowners find themselves asking during the design of their projects.

- This eBook is the perfect companion to Pat’s Training eBooks.

- More than 200 pages and 475 images.

- Evaluate the characteristics of your project avoiding costly interferences.

- Review the design concepts and conflicts by reading and visualizing them in 2D and 3D Using Architect 3D Software.

- Find and avoid conflicts with Doors, Stairs, Bathrooms, etc.
- Learn about the paths and minimum dimensions and clearances for a kitchen design.
- Define your Architectural Style for houses and outdoor spaces.
- Study the different aspects of the building envelope.

- Inspect the different Green options such as modulating materials, energy efficient solutions, etc.
If you wish to learn more, check out our  eBook presentation!
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