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About Our Store & FAQ

Welcome to the Punchhelpers Store! We sell eBooks, Tutorials, Collections (Objects, Components, Textures, and Templates), compatible with Punch! Software, FloorPlan (IMSI) and Architect3D (Avanquest) programs for PC and Mac. All the products are original elements developed by Patricia Gamburgo.
These are the answers to several frequently asked questions:

Questions about Collections

Q – Are the collections compatible with all the programs / versions?
A – The collections are compatible with all the programs and versions V19 and up (PC and Mac).

Q – Do the collections include instructions for installation?
A – Yes, indeed! The collections include instructions for installation in English and French.

Q – I installed the collections. Where in the program do I find them?
A – As the collections are Users’ files, they are installed in the User Library (outlined in red in the image. below).
For example, for Cabinets:

Questions about eBooks

Q – Is there a different eBook for each version?
A – Yes, indeed! There is an eBook for each version of each program (Punch! Software, FloorPlan, and Architect3D).

Q – Where can I find tutorials?
A – Check in this section. The Step by Step tutorials series explain how to create your project in eight easy steps. These eBooks include the PRO files for a better understanding. Available in English and French. In addition, the Interactive Tutorial is an animated tutorial with on screen options.

Q – Can you tell me about the Training eBooks file format?
A – The eBooks are PDF files and they include more than 1200 color images (showing the new features, tutorials, screen guides, tables, examples, rendering results and screenshots). Topics and tools are linked on the screen using more than 2200 hyperlinks.

Questions about all the Links and Files

Q – I bought the collections. Can you tell me when will I receive the link?
A – You should receive an email with the link immediately after the purchase. If you don’t see the email, please, check your Spam / Trash folders. Otherwise, please, contact us at punchhelpers@punchhelpers.com

Q – I received the email with the link; however, I have problems to download the files. Can you assist?
A – We just upgraded our download system so you should be able to download the files in minutes. However, if your IPs has bandwidth / download limitations or you have a router restriction or if you experience any other problem, send us an email at punchhelpers@punchhelpers.com

Q – I purchased several products three days ago. However, today I am not able to download the files.
A – Our links are active for just 48 hours. After this period, they are no longer accessible. Let us know if you need to reactivate your link.

Questions about Store Payments

Q – What type of payment do you accept?
A – You can pay your purchase using your PayPal account or your Debit / Credit Card.

Q – Can you detail the automatic payment process for eBooks and Collections?

Step 1: Add item to cart
Choose the item(s) you want to purchase and click the green “Buy” button (outlined in blue) to add the item(s) to the cart

Step 2: Go to shopping cart
Once you click the Buy button, you will arrive at the shopping cart. From there, you can: click “Continue shopping” (outlined in magenta) to view and add more items, add a coupon code if applicable (area outlined in green), check that your order and the quantities are okay (area outlined in blue), and click on the “Proceed with the order” button (outlined in brown) once you are ready to buy.

Step 3: Enter Personal Details
In order for you to purchase the items, we require some basic information from you, such as your name, and your email address (area outlined in green). As we will send you the links to download the files via email, a valid email address is required, otherwise you won’t receive your order. Once you have entered all the information and verified it is correct, click “Next” (outlined in blue) to continue.

Step 4: Verify Payment Method
This step is to inform you that you will require a payment method to complete your order. Although the form states PayPal (our general financial operator), you do not need a PayPal account; you can pay with a debit or credit card if you’d like. Click “Next” (outlined in blue) to continue.

Step 5: Review Information
Before your order is complete, please check that all of the information provided is correct (area outlined in green in the image below). If something is wrong, please click the “Back” button (outlined in magenta) to correct the information. If everything is correct, please click “Buy Now” (outlined in blue) to continue. Please be patient, just click once and wait for the page to load the next step.

Step 6: Payment
Option 1
In order to complete your order and receive your products, you must finalize the payment.
You can do so by clicking on the “Paypal” button (outlined in blue below).
You can also pay by credit/debit by inputting the information directly in the form outlined in red below, and then click Pay Now to complete the transaction.
Please be patient during the transaction process – if you press the buttons twice it could charge you twice.
Should you have any issues with your order, please note the information outlined in green below (particularly the order number outlined in magenta below) in the image below in order for us to further assist you.

Option 2
If you prefer, you can proceed to the Payments page of our website, where you can pay the amount using either PayPal or your Debit or Credit Card: just enter the order number (outlined in magenta in the image above), the amount to pay, and select the desired payment option.
Choosing this option, we’ll send you the files by email.

Do you have more questions? Email us to punchhelpers@punchhelpers.com

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Copyright Patricia Gamburgo 2002-2023
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