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About Patricia
Patricia Gamburgo A.I.A. - American Institute of Architects - International Associate
Frank L. Wright's Martin House Complex Associate

My name is Patricia Gamburgo, and I'd like to welcome you to my website.

About Me: I became an Architect in December of 1980. I remember that, after my graduation, I felt that I didn’t have all the tools and answers for a design professional. So, I returned to University, for Post-Graduation Engineering courses. After this and during the following years, I worked with different companies, doing design and project management, as well as cost estimation and construction management (on site).
Being the manager of a big project, supervising different professionals and coordinating all the documents turned out to be my biggest professional challenge.
Looking for tools and solutions, I went to College to learn “Advanced CAD applications”, where I was introduced to the concept of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and to the programs allowing the integration of all the documents of a project: I had found the answers I was looking for!
In 2001, due to a project deadline I bought my first Punch! Software (R) program: it was Professional Version 4. I completed my project in time, and the images were a success!
After this project, I spent many hours looking for answers, learning the program, understanding how the program thinks. Since then, it has become a fundamental tool in all of my professional activities.

About my work:  I started Punchhelpers in 2002, and since then, it became my full time job. Punchhelpers is my professional website, where I provide architectural 2D / 3D design and drafting services, Punch Software and TurboFloorPlan services, as well as training courses.
Please visit Our Services page to learn more about my professional assistance and services, as well as get a quote with different options.
If you prefer, you can buy my e-books. Visit my eBooks page to know more about the different titles and editions.

About me and Punch Software (R):  Since 2001, I have worked closely with Punch Software (R) and have collaborated with the different teams (programmers, marketing, etc.) Currently, I am proudly the Punch Software Forum Moderator as well as a Beta Tester (Windows and Mac). And of course, the writer of the collection of the well-known eBooks!

About me and TurboFloorPlan (R):  In 2013, the TFP programs became based on the same programming codes. Since then, I answer specific questions (V17 onwards), helping users in TFP’s Community Forum. In 2014, I was invited by IMSI Design to write the TFP eBooks, and I just released my 3rd and 4rd eBooks for TFP!

In the Punch Resources page, you will find free tutorials and tips, but if you have additional questions about the programs, I will be glad to answer them in the Community Forums, so we can share the answers with the entire community!

Questions or comments? Email Pat at patricia@punchhelpers.com

I hope you enjoy your visit !

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